Tuesday, August 9, 2011

WIAW + Summer Squash Recipe #1

I am finally getting back into the WIAW swing of things after a couple of crazy weeks.  Unfortunately life is still super stressful so I haven't been cooking that much (AKA boring eats!).  I am really struggling with feeling creative and motivated in the kitchen which tends to lead to me eating much worse :-(.

However,  on the bright side, I am spending lots of time working on preparing for the class I'm going to teach this fall semester.  I love teaching, so even though it is really stressful preparing for something I haven't done before, it is exciting as well.  :-)  I've wanted to be a professor ever since I wanted to be anything so I'm super excited to finally have the opportunity to teach my own class at a University.

Ugh lets not even talk about the exercise.  I always seem to lose motivation there first.  How do y'all stay motivated to exercise/cook well when busy or stressed?  Help!

Anyways, here's my Tuesday food stuffs:

Oats, Almond Milk, Chia Seeds, Melted Peanut Butter, Maple Syrup
2 Shots espresso, Soy Milk, Vanilla, Ice! (Addicted?  I have no idea what you are talking about).  Totally unrelated note, does anyone have an recommendations for at home espresso machines? ;-)
Dark Red Sweet Cherries. 
Spinach, Lowfat Cheese, Onions, Boston Terrier*, Hot Sauce, Balsamic *no Boston Terriers were harmed in the making of this salad.

And finally, roasted summer squash.  I've been drowning in summer squash.  I get a bag or two a week from my CSA veggie box.  I'm going to try to document all of the ways I eat it because I'm sure I'm not the only one swimming in squash.  Even though this preparation is very simple I really enjoyed how buttery and flavorful it made the squash.  I drizzled it with balsamic, but I almost would have preferred it without to better enjoy the buttery flavor of the squash.  

Roasted Summer Squash
Ingredients (serves 2)

4 summer squashes
1tbs olive oil
1/4tsp salt
Pepper/Cayenne pepper to taste

1. Preheat oven to 400F. Slice the squashes thinly and as evenly as possible.
2.  Toss the medallions with oil, salt, pepper and cayenne until evenly coated.  Spread in a single layer (very important!) on a cookie sheet covered with parchment paper or aluminum foil.
3.  Roast for 15-20 minutes (depending on the thickness of the slices).  Pay close attention towards the end of the cooking time and take them out when they start to brown on the edges.  They can go from brown edges to burnt super fast.  They are so very delicate!

Drizzle with nice olive oil or balsamic vinegar.  Mmmmm!


Jenn said...

WHOOHOOOO! Welcome back to the party Karla! <3 Glad no BT's were harmed in the making of that salad =)

*melts from cutentess!* love it! Happy WIAW girl!

Rivki Locker (Ordinary Blogger) said...

I have been roasting loads of squash too. tonight I added eggplant and red pepper. It was GREAT.

Jill @ Vegan in the Kitchen said...

What a sweet puppy! So cute. Can't wait to hear about all the ways you are cooking up the summer squash.

Miss Chivuss said...

Your salad ingredients cracked me up!

Anonymous said...

Mmmmm... I've about gone broke eating cherries lately, but they're soooo worth it.

Sarah said...

Squash is so yummmmmy during the summer!

Stephanie said...

Were any BTs FED in the making of this WIAW? Because if not...I'm pretty sure the BT rights group will come after you.

Kate said...

My daughter and I can pretty much polish off an entire bag of fresh cherries together. What else is summer for?! Oh yeah...squash. :)

Anonymous said...

Yum!!! I've been eating summer squash with marinara sauce! It's been so delicious. I LOVE fresh veggies!

Alice' M. said...

wow that squash looks awesome!

Anonymous said...

Glad you're alive and well! (Even if busy and stressed). Fitting in workouts/time for food is tough. I keep the food healthy by making HUGE batches of food that will last for the week when I get a few minutes. That, and living on socca and smoothies--the quick but still good stuff. And what are you teaching?? That sounds like an amazing opportunity, can't wait to hear how it goes!

Karla said...

Haha! Stephanie~ Maeby samples all of my veggies for me to make sure they are still fresh. ;-) She loves veggies more than most people I know!

I'm teaching microbiology to nursing students. I'm super excited! :-)

Sam {fitnessfoodandfaith.blogspot.com} said...

YUM! i could eat squash every day. so tasty :)

Sam @ fitness food & faith (giveaway today!)

Lillian said...

Congrats on the teaching gig! :) Teaching microbiology sounds awesome - yay for you! (And dude, I hear you on the insane pace and stress. You're going to be fantastically well-prepared when the semester starts, though!)

And, um, I totally have a recommendation for an at-home espresso machine: Nespresso. I just got one last week, and it's friggin' fantastic. It was love at first brew.

Kristen @ notsodomesticated said...

I love the puppy's face in the background, hiding behind your salad! So cute!!

Jodie said...

Great Karla! I just got 4 at the farmers market yesterday. I've grilled them before, but never in the oven. Trying it soon! Where are you going to teach...UCB extension? Or is it through Stanford? Good luck!

Errign said...

Welcome back to WIAW!

I don't have any at home espresso machine recommendations really, since I work as a barista and use a commercial one. My dad makes a quart of latte plus every day at home though and he's always used Krups brand and they seem to last a long while!

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