About (the critters)

Fun facts about my cute taste-testers!  (They don't actually eat human food often at all, don't worry!)

Jack "the diva", Five year old Domestic Short Hair. 

Likes: Watching people play video games.  Being swung in circles in a bag.  Children.   Loud people.

Dislikes: Beer (attacks it on sight).  Not being the center of attention.

Food likes:  Wet food.  Sour Cream.  Rice. Guacamole.  Potatoes.  Cheese.  Meat. Fresh running water.

Food dislikes:  Soy milk.  Acidic foods.

Max "the sweetheart",  Four year old Domestic Medium Hair.

Likes: Hiding in and behind things.  Chirping at birds. Wrestling with Maeby.  Cuddling with Jack.

Dislikes:  Loud Noises! Being cleaned by Jack.  Vacuums.  Wrestling with Maeby.  New cats invading his space.

Food likes: Kibble.

Food dislikes: Everything but kibble!  Maxy has a sensitive tummy. 

Maeby "the social butterfly", Six month old Boston Terrier. 

Likes:  Puppies!  Human Puppies (children)! Kitties! Sticks, leaves, dirt! Cuddles. Going to the dog park. 

Dislikes: Being ignored.  (She's fine if you LEAVE, but if you are there, you better pay attention).  Being ignored by kitties (only time she barks!).  Going for walks.

Food likes:  Vegan Mayo (for taking pills). Cheese.  Puppy Kibble coated in wet food.  Zucchinis.  Carrots.  Potatoes.  Sweet potatoes.

Food dislikes:  Plain puppy kibble.  Hot Sauce.  Wine.

1 comment:

Madiha M.K said...

Oh my GOD! You have gorgeous pets! ^_^. MAX LOOKS JUST LIKE MY CAT, XAVIERRE!! :D :D I was so amazed!! :D.

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