Monday, August 15, 2011

Veggie Burger (AKA summer squash recipe #2)

I have so many of these.

SOOO many.  So when I saw this delicious veggie burger recipe from the edible perspective I knew I had to try to incorporate some summer squash into the mix.

I'm not sure if my burgers were as good as the original, but they were darn delicious and used up some squash.  :-D Also, well liked by certified squash haters.  Always a plus. 

Black beans!

Mashed with quinoa. 
Cookin' up some summer squash.

Delicious baked burger! Topped with the most amazing BBQ sauce from the St. Helena Olive Co.

Veggie Burgers with Summer Squash
adapted from Edible Perspective

-1can black beans (rinsed and drained)
-3C diced cooked potatoes, I used half sweet and half russet.  I also chose to roast the potatoes in order to up the flavor! 
-2 diced summer squashes
-1/2 onion, diced
-1C cooked quinoa--I cooked it in veggie broth, for more flavor
-1/4C flour (I used garbanzo flour)
-1t salt
-1t cumin
-1/2t garlic powder
-1/2t cayenne pepper
-1T olive oil

1.  Prep by cooking the quinoa (I recommend using broth for more flavor) and cooking the potatoes.
2. Preheat oven to 375.  Dice the summer squash in a small dice, season with garlic powder, salt, pepper and cayenne and saute over medium high heat until cooked through and starting to caramelize, about five minutes. 
3. Smash the beans and the potatoes together until combined, but not fully pasty.  We want some chunks of spuds/beans for texture. 
4. Add all of the rest of the ingredients and mix until combined.  Check the seasoning and adjust to taste. Make sure the mixture is cool enough to handle (ouchie!) and shape into patties (about 8-10).  
5. Bake at 375 on a cookie sheet for 15 minutes, flip and cook 20 minutes longer until the top is nice and crispy.  

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