Tuesday, July 12, 2011

WIAW #3 +Jogging#3

It's time! Another WIAW. Can I say again how much I LOVE reading everyone's entries? It's fun to see the creative things people eat and to know that most other people out there have "bad" habits just like me. *cough* Starbucks *cough*.

Here goes, what I ate today (Tuesday).  My stomach has been having one of those "I can't tell if I am hungry or if I am nauseous" days, so I didn't eat very much. Ick.  Hopefully tomorrow will be better! 

"Lab-meeting lunch" 
Sourdough (mmm), muenster, avocado and hummus

"Post-lab meeting snack"
I won a bet this week, which meant I had dinner made for me!  It was Taste and Tell's spinach pesto and it was AWESOME.  The leftovers (with a beet!) were good too ;-). 

"New food settle my stomach snack"
Kombucha! Did you know this delicious sour drink has alcohol?  I didn't. Until I got carded. I feel embarrassed for my biology self.  I know what fermentation is.

"Try a new recipe dinner"

Mama Peas noodle salad with peanut mmmmmm sauce


Goals from last week: Run at least four days for a total of at least 10 mi.  Do the same 4.3 mi loop without walking.  I am pretty sure my knees can handle it.  Speedy run of under 8:30.

This week

7/6- 2.65mi @ 9:34/mi
7/8-1.35mi @8:22/mi
7/10-5.6mi @10:10/mi--This included 3min of walking while dropping off my running partner who had to quit early because of a knee problem.  My last mile was my fastest at 9:07.  Felt pretty good! :-)
7/12-2.65mi@9:22/mi- Felt nauseous today. Ick.

Total miles =12.25

Jogging goals for next week:  12+ mi total, speedy run under 8:20/mi, 5 mi loop w/o walking!

Food goals!
I did try 3 new foods this week.
1. Kombucha
2. Spinach Pesto
3. Mama Peas Noodles with Mmmmm sauce!

Wow, I had them all today!

Time to go read all of the other delicious WIAW posts.  <3  

PS.  Best of luck to my friend, Alix, who is having a baby OMG RIGHT NOW. 


Jennifer said...

starbucks isn't a bad habit! it's an expensive one! just like the kombucha! yummmm on both accounts!

jane gave me a discount code that I was going to post after the winner is announced - but let me shoot it by ya just in case so I know you have it!

PEAS0711 for 10% off at www.janery.com

I'm going to have her make me pillows for sure. once I figure out what color my couch should be! haha

ok ok rambling like woah! love you! happy wiaw!

Anonymous said...

Mm, the pesto looks so good! And I keep seeing that mmm sauce all over the blogging world, I think that's a sign that I need to give it a try.

Allison @ PickyEatingRD said...

Did you like the mmm sauce? I have been seeing it pop up on more and more blogs so I am assuming it must be a good one!

Andrea @ Vegvacious said...

Hmmmm....I've never had kombucha before but I keep seeing it mentioned all over bloggieland. Great eats by the way!

Anastasia said...

They carded you for kombucha?!?! What in the world?

I'm loving the spinach pesto pasta. Yum!

I got to Starbucks almost daily. It is indeed a bad and expensive habit.

livefortoday said...

oh I love strabucks too but we don;t have one close by so its costa for me!

Peggy said...

If Starbucks is your bad habit, then in my eyes - you're an angel, hehe.

And congrats on your reaching all of your jogging goals!

Errign said...

I like kombucha and I've only been carded for it once - and the kid didn't even look at my ID :)

Lillian said...

Oy, I hear you on the Starbucks addiction - they're my biggest vice. I'd say there should be some sort of rehab program for this, but really, Starbucks is too good to give up. :)

I love the spinach pesto idea - I'll have to try that out, too.

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