Tuesday, June 28, 2011

What I ate Wednesday and jogging!

What I ate Wednesday (WIAW) is a fun group event over at Peas and Crayons.  ( I adore that blog, by the way).  Basically, every Wednesday a bunch of people take pics of all the food they eat in one day and share with other bloggers.  Its fascinating seeing what so many different people will eat in one day.  Hundreds of people link their stuff!. There is so much variety.  I get lots of new ideas for lunches/snacks.  A couple of my favorite blogs participate, so I figured...why not!  It'll be interesting to see what I eat in one day anyways, I never really keep track.

So here's what I ate one day last week!

A double tall iced soy vanilla latte from Starbucks for breakfast. Yes, I am an addict.  Please don't judge.
 For lunch I had some delicious lemon barley stew (recipe after!). EDIT: recipe up now!

Snack of diet coke and honey roasted almonds.

Dinner was Mom's tomato sauce on whole wheat spaghetti (spaghetti not pictured).
and a snack of homemade Baklava
Annnnd that about does it!

I'm going to supplement my "What I ate Wednesday" with "What I jogged this week" just to keep me honest.

Jogging 6/22/11-6/28/11
6/22- 2.65mi @11:37/mi (feeling very sore, had to walk a bunch)
6/24-1.35mi "speedy" workout @8:43/mi (still feeling ouchie)
6/26-2.65mi @9:45/mi
6/27-1.35mi @9:14/mi
Total last week= 8mi.
Goals for next week are 10mi total, a speedy workout of 8:30/mi and a long work out of over 3 mi.

Recipe later today!  Thanks for reading.  :-D


Anonymous said...

I need to do a jogging "routine" like that! I'm always just jogging at the same pace and its so boring. I'm sure yours is more fun and more effective!

Anonymous said...

I will NEVER judge someone Starbuck's addiction, as I juust might have one of my own. Glad you're doing WIAW, so much fun! And your food is gorgeous--looking forward to that stew recipe, I have a big bag of barley I need to use up and would love some ideas for it :D

Errign said...

I have been craving Starbuck's lately, but the fact that I have to drive a couple miles to get to one is keeping me from indulging. Love the passion tea lemonades and chocolatey chip frappucinos, but do not love the price tag!

Karla said...

Jogging different distances/speeds definitely helps me keep motivated. I like doing a little short run for speed to see how much I've been improving. :-)

Errign--Ours is right next door, literally. It is SO hard to resist. x.x

And thanks for not judging..hahahaha I'm glad someone else has the starbucks addiction. At least we know they treat their workers well with health care and what not.

Tiff @ Love Sweat and Beers said...

I'm pretty jealous of your eats - especially the spaghetti. Moms always get that one right.

Jennifer said...

I love when bloggers do a WAW with exercise in it -- it always motivates me! I'm hoping to go running/jogging tonight when my husband gets home. He's training for a run but i'm just being silly and trying not to fall on my face ;) lol

Happy WIAW!!!! so so so glad you joined us! hope you had fun! <3

Karla said...

Yay Jennifer! Haha. I HAVE fallen on my face when running. There is a reason I do NOT run in the dark anymore. I have scars on my hands to prove it.

Thanks for having us! <3

Cassie Lee said...

Yay new blog friend!!! Can I have some of that homemade tomato sauce??? And that baklava looks insaneeee :)

Tina @ Faith Fitness Fun said...

Great looking workout/runs! That was a speedy mile. Paces in the 8s are always so hard to maintain.

Love WIAW too. How I found you in fact. :)

Ellen said...

OMG NO judgement whatsoever from me, a fellow Starbucks junkie ;)

WillJogForFood said...

Homemade baklava?!?! OHHH man I'm drooling!

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