Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Bakesale Betty's Coleslaw.

Bakesale Betty's is an Oakland institution. People line up out the door and around the block every day during lunch to have one of her amazing fried chicken sandwiches.  These sandwiches consist of nothing more than a torpedo roll, spicy fried chicken breast and spicy coleslaw.  But it is enough to keep people coming back again.  and again...and again... I might have been one of those people.  Oh Oakland, I miss you!

The part of the sandwich I loved the best was the spicy slaw that is piled on top.  Turns out google is awesome and there were recipes posted online!  I made the slaw and ate it by itself for a quick light lunch.  It is super simple and uberly delicious. 

All you do is marinate some thinly sliced red onion in red wine vinegar for a couple minutes.  Then, toss together a small sliced cabbage, the onions, a chopped up small bunch of parsley and a minced jalapeno.  Dress it with a simple dressing of red wine vinegar, olive oil (the best you have!), dijon mustard and salt.  Simple.  Summery.  Fresh.  Awesome!  I used the recipe found here, but with about half of the recommended oil.  I don't miss it. 
I'll be posting my own original recipe for this month's "daring cooks" challenge tomorrow!  See you then. Wheeee :-)

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