Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A few of my favorite blogs

Today I just wanted to share a few of my favorite blogs and why I love them.  In no particular order:

Smitten Kitchen
Smitten Kitchen was one of the first food blogs I ever followed.  The photography is gorgeous, the writing is honest and meaningful and all of the recipes I have tried have been amazing.  The recipes include dessert, veggies and meats and range from very complicated to very simple.  A great "all around" blog.

Cookie and Kate
Kate writes about vegetarian cooking.  Her recipes are very hearty, comforting and good for you.  My lab mates and I have tried a couple of her recipes with great success.  A must check out for my vegetarian friends!

Taste and Tell
Deborah at Taste and Tell writes awesome cookbook reviews every month.  She tries out several recipes from each book she reviews to give a good sense of the overall cookbook.  I also love her simplified "take out" recipes among many others.

Oh She Glows 
Angela at Oh She Glows is my go to writer for trying new vegan dishes.  When I decided to start cooking a vegan meal a couple times a week I got most of my recipe ideas from her site.  If you'd like to start cutting down animal consumption occasionally, check out her site! We especially love her barley risotto, creamy avocado pasta and vegan overnight oats.

Super Mommy Recipes
A new blog/new blogger that I recently found.   Kerri writes simple easy to follow recipes with clean, fresh flavors.  If you need something to cook that anyone will enjoy, check out her site!

Chocolate Covered Katie
Chocolate Covered Katie is one of the only dessert blogs I follow.  I'm not really a "dessert" person and I don't like overly sweet foods.  Katie does an awesome job of "healthifying" some very decadent desserts and she's just such a sweetheart.  Check out her blog if you'd like to try some vegan baking. 

There you have it..a few of my favorite blogs!  (I have many other favorites I'll try to share later!)

Coming soon: I'll write about my very first home-brewing experience AND a guest post from Mr. C, because if he can make it, anyone can.  :-p

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